Girls Leading Our World

Previous info at this site includes an explanation of the goals of this week-long camp for girls 13 to 18.
The venue was a guest ranch which has been wonderfully developed as an oasis in the middle of nowhere.
The host couple were beyond generous in accommodating our group, and the girls had a terrific experience.

The pics show some of the many activities, but don't express the core of the intent which is sharing information
in meaningful ways to enable the girls to develop their self esteem and clarify their values so future decisions
in their lives will emanate from an informed base of what is ultimately best for them. Information on various
aspects of HIV/Aids was presented in several sessions.

Each PC volunteer selected a woman or two from her or his village to be "counselors". They were trained by
PCV's to facilitate the activities at camp so the language would be in Setswana for the campers. There were
five campers for each of these counselors, so these village groups of girls are now sharing things they learned
with other youth in their villages. Some are doing presentations in schools, churches, youth groups, and
with individuals. Hopefully the impact will ripple far and wide.

Click on the photos below for enlargements and more explanation.