Wendy is Sworn in and
Moves to Permanent Site

April 2003

In a packet sent May 3 and arriving June 20 Wendy sent a lot of pictures and a wonderful taste of her experience from her journal. I hope you enjoy it all as much as I have!

Photo notes in case they come through…:

• “ swearing in” shows me in my traditional dress and you can see some others, too, that are representative of different areas in SA
Homes – lots of views from my house
Schools – not much but can see the big pots lunch is prepared in over wood fire. I will write & photo more about that in the future.

Haven’t felt comfortable taking the photos I’d like out & about and at the schools. I’m still a novelty that gets a lot of attention, so hopefully when I get to be old hat, I’ll be able to pop the camera out without being mobbed & get some people shots.

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