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Winding Down
Wendy can be found near the purple star
She is near Taung, South Africa — 27.5° S 24.8° E

Wendy Archer
PO Box 202
Taung Station 8580
South Africa

Wendy is returning to us at the end of June
so mail will stop for her soon.

Current plans call for a flight to Los Angeles. Wendy will stay in Suzie's Hermosa Beach house for a week or so to tie things up there, check in with her surgeon, and catch up with her niece and nephew (maybe the rest of us, too.)


Wendy's Final Message from South Africa  

March 2005

Dear all,

I know...it's been a long time! I'm sending a lot of photos and I won't tell you how many more I have or you will never dare listen to my stories. Of course you may have "enough" if you make it through the following narrative and that's fine; I promise there will not be a test.

Enjoy what you will as you peek into my life, and if you are interested in the gaps between the lines, save those questions. I should be back in California in July

Love, Wendy

Wendy's South African Summer & Fall 2005

In case you are a new visitor here....Wendy's home is in Mokassa II. This appears to be 3.5 nautical miles from Taung and is at 27° 36' S and 24° 40' E. The Altitude is 3517 feet. Also of interest to me is the Taung Fossil site. I don't know if Wendy has made it there yet. Click here. Moves are underway to have the Taung skull site in the North-West Province declared a World Heritage Site. The site is located in the lime mine dump of Buxton outside Taung Village. The fossilised skull - discovered by Raymond Dart, an anthropologist, in 1924 - is seen by some scientists as proof that Africa, and not Asia, should be regarded as the "cradle" of human kind.

Please share this site with people who know Wendy and want to keep up with her Peace Corps experiences in South Africa. Please contact me if you have questions, comments or suggestions.

Peace, Suzie (Wendy's older sister)

PS Michael has discovered that typing Wendy Archer into Google gets the Columbia College site and then this one. Isn't she a popular lady!