The Adventure Begins
January and February 2003

In mid-February Wendy writes:
   Haven't taken many photos but did fill this photo card and since it looks like a long time ... if ... 'till I'll be able to hook up to send — I' thot I'd send this to you. Enclosed is the info I wrote re the pics — last 2 are my house from front showing the "Tuck Shop" from which parents sell milk/bread/soda/TP/candy/snuff/etc. 3rd back is our language tutors saying farewell to the tutor coordinator — off to set up for new group heading to Botswana. My tutor is on far L — Pinky.
   Job shadow was good — Jeanne Whitsell is 70 — looks 60 or less. Long time prim. tchr in Little Rock — will be living in Huntington Beach when she finishes here in Sept. I gave her Robyn's info thinking they both might enjoy the contact. Pushpa is 61/back 1 yr from Nepal as PCV — orig. India. Ric & Terri from Wash DC. Good visit to Jeanne's schools but the enormity of implementing the transition from "rote" to "critical thinking" methods is sinking in — lots to tell abt that but not now. Spent today (Sunday 2/16) at a pre-funeral "event" — very interesting! Will write it out some time from notes I've scribbled but have to finish an assignment & bed.
   After shadowing my hopes of email for more than occasional quick notes are fading. Poor connections are often down. Nil in schools.
OK Bye — Wendy

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