Work: Late 2003 & Early 2004

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2-Children & a mom

3-Tea service

4-Graduation speech

Photos 1 through 6 - I’ve done some work with my sister Serwaledi (green outfit) who has a crèche – a preschool in a very poor village with no electricity. She is trying to make improvements to be able to register it with the Department of Education which would then provide some funding. In the first three photos you can see the outside and inside of her school space.  The next three are a graduation celebration in December held in a leaky canvas tent in a rainstorm. She asked a friend who graduated from college to present certificates and the tribal chief attended as well.

5-Graduation picture

6-Chief in blue

7-School water tank iced

8-Rug shaking


10-Tree planting

11-Dental check

12-Lokgabeng faculty

The remaining pictures (#7 on) are samples of activities at my two primary schools. 7-Please note it got cold enough to freeze water leaking out of the water tank. By 10AM the ice had all melted and it was warm enough to take off my sweater. 8-Some grade one classes have a piece of carpet so kids can sit on the floor. 9-Intervention occurs at the end of the year where parents of students not doing well come in and try to help their kids improve. 10-Seedlings were provided to schools for arbor day…I don’t think any survived. 11-Dental check sought out drastic problems to be sent to a clinic. 13 & 14-Beauty contests are a way to raise money for field trips and year end celebrations. 15 to 18-One school (only students who can pay the costs get to go) went to Bloemfontein about 3 hours away where we visited the airport, museum & zoo.  The litter on the bus was all thrown out the window about a half hour before we got back to school… we’re working on that issue.

13-Beauty contest

14-Beauty contest




18-Bus litter

19-Coed handball team

20-Custodial chores

19-There is no physical education in my schools and the team activities are very limited with no real instruction, just an adult referee while kids play. Sometimes they arrange matches with other schools which is a whole day event. From 20 on are several pictures I took at year end celebrations. The school year ends in December and they butcher a cow or two and make food for after awards are given out – a big social event.


22-Cleaning classroom

23-Girls will dance

24-Flowers for
head table


26-Food preparation

27-Food preparation

28-Food preparation

Since each of my two schools bought a single computer in November, I’ve been doing lots of secretarial work putting forms and letters and lists in their systems… and now am focusing on teaching educators how to use the machine so when I’m not there, and when I leave in less than a year, it won’t just be a dust collector. Unfortunately I don’t see students getting a chance until more computers are acquired… but so far no one is taking the initiative to pursue possibilities – and though I can try to inspire, they have to want it. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” fits pretty well.  Kinda touchy balancing act. Just giving doesn’t help anyone in the long run to be able to get things on their own.


30-Top spinning

31-Spinning expert

32-Staff at celebration

33-Speech for
retiring teacher


35-Youth dance group

36-Faculty chorus

37-3 samples of
traditional dress