May update from Wendy...

General note to all:

My apologies for lack of photos & info.  Seemed to be too busy to get anything significant prepared before Christmas, then my computer got sick and after taking it back the third time, end of March I got back in business. Couldn’t work with photos from digital camera without it.  One techno-blip  & I’m dead in the water. If it wasn’t for my DEAR-OUTSTANDING brother-in-law Michael and DEAR-OUTSTANDING sister Suzie, I’d still be crying over spilt milk and dead in the water.

There’s a bunch of photos, and a bunch of words, so if you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day, tune in.  Do know that I did cull – there are lots more where these came from so if you’re interested when I get back next year, I bet I’ll be able to put you to sleep!




Basically, things are going fine. Heading into winter here so I’m enjoying the cooler weather. Learning a lot. Receiving wonderful care packages that make visits to the PO fun!

Email options have deteriorated since I arrived but I do enjoy tidbits of news when I do find access, so if you feel like writing, please do… just know I won’t write anything long in return.

Ok – I’ll let you go. Best wishes - Wendy